Unleash your Business Goddess


Actually, what the hell does that mean?


Being a Business Goddess means to blaze - brilliantly- your own trail across the business world showing a vibrant, unique way of being in and doing business.

It’s a mouthful isn’t it?

In simple terms, it means using your own tools, talents, strengths, spirituality, playfulness and female-ness to make yourself into the business woman you’ve always dreamed of being. We are not just marching to the beat of our own drum; we are dancing to the orchestra of our imaginations and limitless abilities.

There is a way of doing business that complements the way we, as women, work. It utilizes all the bits and pieces of us. Business related or not.

How did I get to this space? Well, I went exploring. I needed to find out what it meant to do business in the feminine, in the deepest parts of me and in my spirituality. Let us not forget the fun and playfulness as well ;)

And just who am I?

I’m Audrey and I’m soft and squishy inside, a little hippyish (ok, maybe a lot), curious about what makes everyone tick, bold and brash, bitchy, self-improvement junkie, a terrible housekeeper, spiritual junkie, head banger that also likes classical music, love throwing knives and archery, and I will kill spiders but much prefer to have my man do it (cause ew spiders!)

Yep, I’m all over the place. (Aren’t we all though?)

As to business; I’ve managed...a lot. Overseeing anywhere from 5 to 80 people in small business and corporate environments. And then I found massage. Weird right? I’m pretty sure that was my feminine side struggling to get out.

And that’s where the coaching came in.

Teaching clients to care for themselves was always my number one goal. Of course I wanted to see clients again but I didn’t want them to become dependent on me to be pain free. I taught them how to care for themselves. They had to live their lives without being dependent on me.

I have the same thought with the Business Goddess mindset.

For instance, I’ve found that I work best after 3 in the afternoon. I am a morning person but for some reason my creative juices flow best at 3 or later. I need to take breaks during the day to touch home with my Goddess, my guides and myself. I also need to move or I get stiff as all get out!

I have learned that being perfect is more of a nightmare than a dream. That control is an illusion and letting go may be the hardest thing I have ever done. I work best when I am in touch with my business and myself to KNOW what I need to do next (hello, intuition!)

I love connecting the puzzle pieces using every tool at my disposal whether that is a Tarot card pull, a rune reading or meditation.

But that’s me.

Your Goddess is unique and I don’t know what she'll need. But you do! Cause, you know, she’s you. Let’s find out what your Goddess wants and go set the world on fire!

The pro shot…

The pro shot…

Best friend’s wedding, caught the bouquet! No ring yet though lol

Best friend’s wedding, caught the bouquet! No ring yet though lol

When I became a Grammy! It was a good day.

When I became a Grammy! It was a good day.