Goddess at the grindstone

You’re not lost

It is time to stop trying to fill the chasm between you and the promise of your business by shoveling other people's ideas, processes, and tools into it. You have been trying to fit all your sparkling, imperfect, unconventional edges into the square, “business as usual” boxes.

Here’s a big surprise, that box is the wrong size.

The time has come to bring out all of your feminine, chaotic, goofy, discerning, ingenious traits that are your Goddess! She has just been waiting for your OK to jump in and go!

Goddess at the Grindstone unleashes your own unique vision of you in business. We collaborate to bring into focus all the innate skills, strengths, and talents you have in you right now. It is long overdue for you to let loose the Business Goddess you have always yearned to be.

Your Goddess has been waiting for you to recognize her and unleash her capabilities, creativity, and power.

You have spent enough time working on your biz.

It’s time to set the world on fire.

You’re right where you belong



This is about your own inspiration and not someone else’s. You will find the space in you to allow that inspiration full flow through you and release it to the world.



This is about breaking the mold of what creativity means to you! It's not all about art or sewing (ew, sewing sucks) or writing. It's about what spins your wheels.


This is about what you believe feminine to mean in your life. It's time to learn how to apply those innate strengths into real business action.


This is about learning to work with your own intuition. To understand what it means to you and for you in the real world. And the real business world.


This is about tapping into who you are, what you believe and combining them in an unstoppable and gorgeous fire of YOU!




And sort of dangerous. Because what could be more dangerous than starting a fire that no one can put out? A raucous, music-blaring bonfire that you can really build a life around (and dance around, obviously).



Fire building tools

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The podcast

Women are the Journey, where life happens while doing business.

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The membership GROUP

Goddesses’ Inner Circle is where you joyously combine your fun, your spiritual and your business into an adventure designed just for you!


5 ways to weave more feminine into your biz!

Go grab your copy and immediately begin to feel a peace of mind when you sit down to work again. It really is that simple to begin to be more YOU in your business.



Are you lost in the minutiae of surviving in your business?How'd that brainstorming session with you and yourself go? MGS is here for you to move into the looser, flowier (yes it’s a word!), intuitive, emotional, slightly chaotic (at least to a man), outside the box, out loud, slow or fast, here or there, talk it out, weigh all the options, imaginative, creative, exciting, distracted, wait a minute! Intuitive, feminine way of doing business.

12 monthly calls, support, collaboration, sisterhood, and maybe some wine and cupcakes…



You don't have to be perfect, you just have to be you! But, you have come to believe that you may not be right, that your plan, your idea, your business, even you yourself, may not be everything you thought it/you could be.

What if I told you, you don’t have to give up?

That a real business is actually inside you, waiting for you to unleash her on the world.The best part is, you already hold all the pieces you need inside of you right now. All you need is the map for guidance and maybe a direction or two.

I give you, Business. Goddess Style.

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