• You don't have

    to be perfect,

    you just have

    to be you!

    The lies you have told yourself and everyone else about your business are no longer feasible.

    Looking yourself in the eye has become, well, almost undoable.


    The humiliation of not having a job, a sale, or a client in months; let’s face it, a year; forces you into a lonely place

    where only you can go. It makes it hard to continue to believe that what you have created is an

    actual, real business. You want so badly to make a go of this but…


    You have come to believe that you may not be right, that your plan, your idea, your business, even you yourself,

    may not be everything you thought it/you could be

    The thought of actually throwing it all away has not just entered your mind, it’s become a constant refrain.

    But that feels like a betrayal. To you.


    What if I told you you don’t have to give up? That there is a way to find the missing pieces you need.

    That you can begin to look at yourself in the eye again and feel good about it.

    That a real business is actually inside you, waiting for you to unleash her on the world.


    The best part is, you literally hold all the pieces you need inside of you, right now.

    All you need is the map for guidance and maybe a direction or two.

    What if that map was designed for your real life needs?


    A map to far reaching places inside you that will take you to

    Customers. Clients. Money. Meaning.

    Business. Goddess Style is a 12 week adventure journey into you and your business.

    Business. Goddess Style will help you find what you specifically need to move your business from full stop, to full go.

    You’re going to get to know your business in a way never before thought that will allow you to

    connect to the answer’s that YOU need.


    THAT is where all of your success comes from.


    I do not have your answers, you do.


    Business Goddess Style takes you on a deep dive into the relationship between you and your business.

    Didn’t know you had one of those relationships, huh? It's the most important relationship there is to create your own success.


    In order for a relationship to thrive, it needs care, attention and love.

    So far, she has gotten a whole lotta, "What's for dinner, did you wash my clothes and what have you been doing all day?"


    That changes now.


    Business Goddess Style teaches you how to create, nurture and expand that relationship into

    solid success for you and your business.


    And maybe some dancing and romancing along the way.

  • What to expect during those weeks!

    Week 1

    Non-Dominant Hand Writing


    What you may ask, is that? The most powerful craft you will learn on our journey together. The craft that will be the beginning of change in your business.

    Week 2

    Learn To Brag


    To connect to your business, we need to know who we truly are. This exercise will open up doors inside that you didn't even know were there!

    Week 3

    Process This!


    Digging deeper into how we work in our business is an exploration of awareness. Learning to work in a way we consciously control is this week's assignment.

  • You will begin to see a difference in the way you run your business,

    how you feel about your business,

    and how your business performs within the first weeks.

  • Week 4


    It’s a little mastermind, a tad brainstorming, a bit like you and your business best friends hanging at the coffee house, a dash of imagination, time to build, a lot of collaboration, and all designed around who you are, how you work and what you’re awesome at!

  • Isolation is a dream killer, being alone is no longer an option.


    That is why this is a group program.

    Your journey into your business will be made with 3 other women entrepreneurs.

  • Week 5

    Vision vs Reality


    "Just be honest with yourself.

    That opens the door." Vernon Howard


    This week we explore our own version of the reality of our business.

    Week 7

    Putting It All Together


    A new paradigm of running your business begins this week. You begin by making conscious choices about what serves YOU best in running your business.

    Week 9

    Setting Your Business Stage

    Working In The Now

    This is a two-parter week. It is all a very personal journey into you and what you need to run your business to it's fullest.



    Not only will we work on your business, we will work on all of your

    sister goddesses businesses as well.

    Each idea, each thought, each step of this journey,

    takes us all in new and exciting paths never before thought of!


    Each step for them is a step for you.

  • Week 6, 8 and 10


    We dig deeper. We collaborate more fully. We discover fresh new roads on your map. The more you learn about you and your business, the more we delve into your business. These weeks are meant to bring your ideas and thoughts into the real world.

  • Running away from not knowing what to do ends now.


    You have reached the right business building system for women!

  • Week 11

    Learning to Celebrate



    A combo week! We work on ways to take care of you. Ways that are important for your sanity. Plus, it's just plain fun!

    Then, we dive deep back into MizMinding your business.

    Week 12

    Our Final Week Together



    This can't be the end already?!

    We work one last time in MizMind.

    We work one last time in YOUR real space.

    We bring you to a KNOWING what you need to become the businesswoman you have always dreamed of BEing.

  • Miriam MacMillan


    Audrey Groeschel taught me a whole new way to see business as a woman, she changed my views and showed me how what I thought were my worst qualities are actually strengths, she's shown me how my biggest dreams are possible and opened up a whole new world of awesomeness!!! ​


    Self Love Coaching and Retreats

    Kelli Freese


    I had struggled for two years following what every business guru had told me to do and I was totally burnt out. Throughout Business. Goddess Style, I realized that I had what it took to grow my business into what I wanted it to be following MY PLAN and that I didn't have to do what everyone else did!


    Essentially Kelli

    Leah Borski


    Business. Goddess Style helped me realize how important it is to trust myself and use my own unique strengths & talents to work smarter in my business.


    Leah Borski Wellness

    Anjara Land


    I changed my offers and started having clients saying YES without even knowing the price or having to think about it. Business. Goddess Style gave me tools I can keep using. I am excited to continue growing my empire!


    Applied Divinity

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