Working From Home Sucks! 

Working from home ROCKS!

Which is it? More like, which day is it?

Running your own business is great. It’s creative, fulfilling, maddening, exhilarating and more. It is also lonely. That’s something they never tell you about in entrepreneur prep school (no there isn’t one but there should be). They tell you about your life being your own, you’ll work harder, be more fulfilled and happier than you’ve ever been.

But no one talks about the loneliness.

We all have friends but, unless they are working from home or entrepreneurs, they just can't get it. Family can be even worse than your friends. They pat you on the head and ask when you’re going to get a real job or if that little “thing” you’re doing is working out for you.

We can find each other online, in Facebook groups, networking groups and more. But it’s not quite what we need. We need a friend, a colleague, a regular water cooler gossip sesh even if the gossip is all about us!

How do you find what you need? You gotta go look for it. Like anything else as an entrepreneur, it does not come knocking on the door, you have to make it happen. It means leaving your desk and going someplace where people are.

The coffee house can be a great place to start. There are always people working. Pick someone and ask her what she’s working on and share what you are doing. Hopefully, you can make a connection. If nothing else, it should prove interesting.

Go to a networking meeting. I know what you’re thinking, gag me with a spoon. However, you DO meet people there. Go shake a hand and see if there is a spark with someone in the room. If not, don’t give up, try another group. Join a meetup group that can help you with your business; Toastmasters, Masterminds, marketing groups, etc.

You will get new ideas for your business, you will meet great women that can truly mean something to you and you will feel better about yourself. As a side bonus, you may help someone else in their business. Keep in mind that as you are getting the connection you need for you, you may be giving them the connection they need as well.

Step outside of your comfort zone and embrace being uneasy. The reward could be your very own business bff!

Drop by the group and share where you're going to go meet your new business bff.

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