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When Does Then Become Now?

As opposed to, when does now become then which is the question we generally ask ourselves. Take a moment to think about that, it’s a tongue twister for your brain. Another way to say it is, when will this hard work pan out? When will the work show results? When will I have customers? Be making money? Be living the life of my dreams?

Instead of asking all of those questions, it would be better to ask, what am I doing right now to get to that dream? What are you doing that has nothing to do with answering emails and all to do with creation and business building? We aim what we do 5 steps ahead of where we are. What really needs to be done are the needs of the now. Without being aware and present with those needs, there will be no results, no money, no dreams being fulfilled.

Our business deserves our full attention or then will never happen

if we’re not living and working in our NOW.

We have a belief that our life will be better, happier, more of what we want when we get to then. But, when you get to that specific then, will you suddenly be happy, fulfilled, successful? Putting off your now to some imagined, miraculous THEN simply puts off the dream. It shoves it farther away day by day. The less you live in and pay attention to what is happening now, the more elusive your dream becomes.

What are you skipping NOW that needs to be done because your focus is somewhere in your tomorrow? The things you’re missing by not being present are the steps and work that will take you to the future you want to live in.

Of course, your dream, your then, is always there.

But, you must be and live fully in your now in order to realize it.

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