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What Is The Business Success Pie?

And what does it have to do with you?

Is your business getting it’s full slice of the success pie? The finite amount of success and money available in single slices to those who work hard and get lucky. Do you have your piece of that pie? There is only so much to go around, right? Bill Gates got a huge slice didn’t he? How big can your share possibly be?

When you look at that pie as equaling your ability to succeed, you can’t win. There are a limited number of people that can have success based on that view. If we were to actually try and grab a slice of pie at this point, isn’t it already sliced and diced to the point of no more pie? We would have to battle to take away someone else’s slice in order to give ourselves a fighting chance at success. Does anyone else feel bad about taking part of the pie away from someone else?

What if:

  • You are not taking anything away from anyone else by being successful?

  • You are not splitting the pie unevenly and you are not getting a bigger slice than the next woman?

  • That other woman is not hurt by you being successful?

What if, there is no pie?

If there was a pie with a limited amount of available success, how do you explain the worldwide economy? How has the world exploded with success, especially women entrepreneurs all over the world? How do you explain our continued world expansion, monetary growth? The stock market continues to hit new highs all the time.

As a woman entrepreneur, we have been told this lie for many years. It is a masculine mindset. Men are competing for their slice of the pie. Not just to win, but to battle for their slice of pie. To take it away from someone else so they can succeed. They fight with other men (and women) to get their slice of that elusive pie. Sadly, women have bought into this belief as well.

But, women are waking up. When we come from our feminine, we have no need to battle for a slice of pie. We collaborate. We lift each other up. We offer help. We recommend. We celebrate each other’s success. By being in our collaborative state, that space of the feminine, we all succeed. When we come from that masculine part we have been trained into by society and business, we fall into a scarcity mindset.

It is a construct of our own imagining that limits us to our slice of the proverbial pie. As women, we have the ability, nay the obligation, to ourselves and the world, to prove that the pie is not real. That because we are successful, we are not taking away something from another woman entrepreneur. In reality, we are opening up a new world for others to follow us and expand to unforeseen imaginings.

We are not the pioneers here. There are countless women who lead the way for us already. They left behind the belief in a single slice of pie or we wouldn’t be where we are now. We are, however, on the cutting edge of expansion in a way never before seen or thought. By putting aside the belief in the limitation of our single slice of the pie, we help countless others in the future.

Most of all, we support ourselves right now! We let go of the limit on what we can have, on what we can create, on the success we deserve in this life. There is no pie that has a limited amount of yummy goodness to go around. There is no pie to measure each slice to make sure everyone gets their allotted amount. There is no pie to take away from others who are working hard too.

Have some cake instead!

To explore how to collaborate and grow your business away from the limiting pie mindset, come join your sister entrepreneurs in Business. Goddess Style. Groups are filling up now for the week starting December 5th. Schedule a free Goddess Call with me to explore what 12 weeks of working with other women entrepreneurs can do for you! Hint - let your imagination run wild!

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