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What Do Alpacas Have 

To Do With It?

Know what an alpaca is?

Adorable, right? All babies are but these animals really are adorable.

They are the greenest herd animals in the world. When they eat grass from a field, they do not pull the grass out by the roots, their teeth actually mow the grass down. They poop in a communal area and their urine is not ammonia based, their poop is in pellets that can be made into a healthy fertilizer. Their fleece is softer than cashmere and hypoallergenic. Bottom line, they rock and they’re my dream.

What does this have to do with you? You must have an alpaca dream in you somewhere, amiright?

Maybe you want to travel the world and be a nomad, how about settle down and have 2.3 kids and a home with columns in the front, perhaps stand up comedy and make everyone laugh, or possibly be a doctor and find the cure for wrinkles (hurry up with that will ya?). Whatever your maybe is, THAT is what you are working for.

It is really what you started your business for.

Alpacas are my dream. Buy land, build a ranch and raise lots of ‘em. Live a quiet, peaceful, work with my hands, ranch style life. Plus, have my business going too! We have done the research, taken the classes to learn about alpacas, drawn up home and ranch designs, even divvied up jobs between us! It is a real dream, one we plan on achieving.

Do you have your dream mapped out? Do you have it somewhere where you see, every day, what you are working for? If not, it is time to write about it, do the research, make the plans, visualize yourself where you want to be, feel what it feels like to live in it. Ground yourself in that dream.

We all want to be successful enough in our dream business to be successful at our non-business dreams. What are your non-business dreams and what are you doing to reach them?

If you want some help in figuring that out, schedule a free 30 minute Goddess Call with me, and let’s talk about it.

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