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To Be Or Not To Be

In Your Feminine That Is

With all this talk about feminism and marches and whatnot, I thought I would dip my toe into the water. But, dip into the water I swim in. No politics or activism.

What is the difference between being feminine and being in your feminine? Or is there one?

Let’s take a look at being feminine first shall we? The quick answer is clothes, shoes, nail polish, hair, make-up, etc. Wait though, there’s more! How about cleavage or legs that go all the way up to your neck? And how is that skin looking? Or maybe she talks quiet or it’s the way she walks or those dangly earrings. Wait, does being feminine mean being sexy?

Now, on to being in your feminine. I’ll tell you what. I have looked and looked and not found a whole lot about it anywhere. It’s just not talked about in this way. What I find is, a lot of talk about being in your feminine energy. Being in flow, honoring yourself, creativity and even taking off your pants and wearing dresses (not a bad thing actually, she has a good point).

Is being feminine really about being sexy and what you look like? I sure hope not but it does seem to be the default in the media. I believe that being feminine is really about looking at the world through a woman’s eyes. We look at it with emotion, outside the box, intuitively and creatively which all adds up to a unique viewpoint depending on each woman. And depending on the day or even which part of a day...or part of the month.

Being in your feminine, I believe, is utilizing all of the things that make us women. The way our brains work. The way our bodies function. The way our connection with others is defined. It’s about feeling decisions instead of making them. It’s about owning the Goddess given talents, tools and strength’s we have as women. It’s a state of mind, an energy and way of being. It’s being you in the way you are meant to be based on your life, your skills, your talents, your tools, your experiences, your spirituality and your essence.

Being in your feminine is about being conscious of all of those things and living your truth. It’s being genuinely you. It’s about being in your life and not doing your life. It’s about recognizing all of the things in you, accepting them and then using them as your guideposts along the journey of your life.

The other big aspect of being in your feminine is connection. True, real connection.

We share ourselves with the important peeps in our lives. Do we share what really matters? Not the day to day crap but the real things inside of us. The things we’re most afraid to talk about. The truly feminine parts of ourselves. The real fear. The real pain. To be vulnerable in every meaning of the word. The things that really create the connection that so many of us crave. Being in your feminine is also being vulnerable with another person and really sharing YOU!

We, as women, feel alone. No matter if we live in a house full of people, have dozens of friends, a close family or not. We feel alone. Unsupported. Disconnected. Sharing with your friends does not alleviate being alone. Sharing with your spouse doesn’t either. It’s because you are still not being real. Not touching into your true vulnerability. Not being in you and your feminine.

I talked about being vulnerable last week but there is more to be said about it. I shared some things but the biggest is the need to be honest. We push each other away by telling lies to spare feelings or just because we didn’t want to get into it that day. Maybe you agreed when you actually disagreed. It doesn’t really matter, being honest is the best way to be vulnerable.

The simplest way to do that is; say what you mean without being mean.

Speaking your truth is one of the most vulnerable things you will ever do. The reward is that you are in your feminine and are creating a connection that will be satisfying on a level you have never felt before.

What if you could do that with your business as well? You have now brought together all of the aspects of yourself and owned them. You’ve owned your strengths, talents, and who you are. You’ve opened up your emotions and intuition. Now let’s apply that to your business.

Can you get to know your business on a deeper level and connect to it in a way you have never thought of before? Yes, you can. By connecting that way, you can see what needs to be done, the direction you need to go and how to get there; you will tailor your needs around your skills. You will work in the way best suited to your unique mindset. And best of all, those things you thought of as weakness, will actually be the strengths you will use to succeed.

How much would you like to learn to work in your feminine? How much would you like to connect with like-minded women who get you and where you can say what you mean without being mean? How would you love to truly jump start your business to bring it to the level you have always dreamed of?

I know how much you want that and that is why I created Business. Goddess Style. BGS is tailor made for you to embrace your feminine. BGS will help you learn to be in your feminine in every way that you can in order to shift your business up. Schedule a free call today and let’s talk about what working in your feminine can do for you and your business. Groups are forming now for the 12 week Business. Goddess Style Programs starting in February.

To go back to the original question of is there a difference between being feminine and being in your feminine. Once you are in your feminine, there is no difference. If you’re being feminine, you’re on your way to being in it.

One other thing. Being in means you also fall out. Being in your feminine is a journey. It is a step by step process that you get to discover about yourself daily, if not moment by moment. Be nice to you on your journey. Stop shoulding on yourself. Tap in and find out what your inner goddess has to say and you just might find a wealth of brilliance. Strike that, no might about it, it’s there for sure!

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