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The Best Birthday Ever, So Far

They say it's your birthday

Actually, it was mine. On Sunday to be exact. Yay me! I had a great day and really started it off right with some me time. I journaled and meditated and had a good old time. I also made a list of what I wanted this next year to look like for me. That was fun.


The funny thing is, on that list I barely had any “things”. I had my ranch and a new truck but it was mostly about how I wanted to live. How I wanted to feel and what I wanted my life to look like in a year. I want to play, to have fun, to be in nature more. I want to feel secure and free to do what I want. And lots and lots of kissing.

I had a thought during my fun filled day though; what if I did the same list for my business? What if I asked my business what she wanted to look like in a year? Suppose I asked myself what I wanted my business to be like this next year?

Wait, you didn’t know she was a whole identity herself? Well, she is. She is a piece of you deep inside. She is like all your other parts; mom, wife, friend, daughter, sex pot, queen… Business needs the same love and attention just like all the rest.

So, Monday morning I got started talking to my business. I wrote off and on all day and found a similar pattern. Lots of how I wanted to feel and how I wanted it to look, not a lot of “stuff”. Oddly enough, I even wanted to pay taxes. Feels like such a good thing to do to support my country in this time of angst. Or maybe that’s just me. Either way, an office, a staff, paying taxes. I also want lots and lots of women to work with. I want to help them change their lives, show them what is already inside them and give them the boost they need to go out there and change the world!

Now it's your turn! Get your business journal and let’s get going. What? You don’t have a business journal? Time to get one. Not one for your to-do list or random notes; one for how you feel about your business, what your business needs at that moment, a place to write out your feelings and your inner most thoughts on it. A place you can safely talk to yourself and your business, where you can connect.

The feminine needs to connect deeply with others as well as with self in order to feel good and do good. But, as women, we get so wrapped up in running our business that we forget to connect with our business. We need that to keep us moving forward as well as designing where we want to go. The masculine model would never think that a business could have an identity, but we know better.

We ARE our business, just as our business is us.

This is a perfect end of year exercise for a great head start on 2017. You have 7 weeks to get things together to be clear for the upcoming business year. Get a business journal. Start talking to your business. She deserves a voice in what you want to do and where you are going. Write up that list of where you want to go, how you want it to be and what you want out of your business this year.

If you are interested in a more in depth exploration into how to fill out that list, schedule a free 45 minute call with me. We will explore what it means for you and your business to learn this important exercise. Hint; it has a lot to do with knowing how to gain the success you are dreaming of!

There are many more ways to dive deep into your business, this is just one of them. Business. Goddess Style is here to help you bring to light all the ways you can create your own success without depending on anyone else. With groups starting December 3, Business. Goddess Style is ramping up to not just start your New Year off with a bang, but to be ahead of the game by January 1st.

We all want to hit the ground running at the New Year. What if the ground had already been hit and you were running by then? Schedule a free call to see what Business. Goddess Style will do for you and your business before the New Year even begins!


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