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Solving The Procrastination Conundrum

Did you ever wonder why you are avoiding or why you don’t do what you KNOW needs to be done? I know you have spent endless hours beating yourself up for not doing something. The more you avoid the worse you feel and the deeper you go down the rabbit hole of self flagellation. The cycle is vicious and it kicks our asses on a regular basis.

The time has come to stop the madness.

It’s not your fault. Hahahaha. No really, it’s true. You’re doing it wrong. Think back to a time when things were working smoothly. When you were in the flow and felt like you could do this forever and it would be easy! How did you do that? What skills did you use? How were you processing? Step outside of your business way of thinking and step into what makes you work better. What brings out your best, your brightest and your easiest?

I can say, almost without a doubt, that most of what made things so easy for you had nothing to do with business. You were rockin’ out to Zepplin, dancing around your office and feeling the fire! You stepped into a fear that actually stopped being scary and became magical. You created with laughter and joy.

You tapped into what you are good at.

So, what are you good at? And before you start with the “I’m not really good at anything” or the “What does wanting to have fun have to do with any of this?”, just stop. It has everything to do with getting you in your own flow. Plug in what makes you feel good, what makes you happy to do, what you are great at and see if you don’t get things done.

Getting the shit done we procrastinate about has everything to do with how we are doing it. Of course, we all have things we really dislike doing but if we add music, fun, a random skill of curiosity, tenacity or loving to peel the layers back, it gets done easier, faster and better than you might have ever thought. Shift your perspective just a little bit to you and what you love to do and how you love to do it. Then let me know how it works.

No guarantee, but you may just clear that inbox.

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