I had thought when I first started this podcast journey, that it would be great because we all love a good story. Most entrepreneurs have great stories and I was anxious to hear them and thought everyone would as well. Then for some reason, I thought each one would be a repeat of the previous one. I think it was my own fear of this not working.

I have been so keen on doing my podcast, that although I thought it would be great to hear the stories, I didn’t really know what to expect. I had no idea what would happen, I just went with it. Stories allow us to relate, to understand. We can feel closer to someone by hearing their pain and happiness. But I really had no idea what would come from it.

Because of that, I didn’t expect the sense of true connection that comes from sharing others’ stories. It’s not that I felt all BFF with these women after talking to them, but I had a warm glow of understanding. Shared pain. Shared experience that matches what has happened in our lives in some way.

That search for connection has been a running theme for most of my life. In business and life, I have always chased that feeling of belonging. I know, or knew, that I wanted to feel connected to people. To feel that shared experience, that sense of belonging that comes with true connection.

It has taken me most of my life to find out what that means. How to, sort of, describe it. And most of all, how to, sort of, create it. I know I harp on about being vulnerable, but that really is the trick. Being vulnerable. Being honest in our needs. Being open about who we really are. Sharing our scared, pimply, small feeling self. With someone we trust, or even someone we don’t.

These women have shared their intimate, vulnerable selves with us. They have created a space we can share in their experience. We can empathize, sympathize and really connect with the fact that we have been in that spot of despair and triumph as well.

Belonging to something bigger than you. Belonging to a family. Belonging to your kind of peeps. Those are all things we want. They are all real, tangible, doable, havable feelings. Because that is what belonging is, a feeling. Not a thing. Finding acceptance through shared experience is one of the best ways I know how to feel that.

I hope you will continue to listen and enjoy each of these women’s stories. I hope you will come to feel a sense of belonging to the family of women. And I mean, the family of women as a whole. We all belong to that, even if we haven’t felt it before.

Women are unique beings. We crave connection and community and we spend too much time othering each other for not agreeing with each of our particular ways of thinking and believing.

I may not agree with you but you’re always my sister.

I never had any sisters and I always felt like I missed out because of it. I would love to dip into that feeling and really understand what that feels like. I think listening to these amazing women is taking me closer to that. I’m feeling a deeper part of the whole because of it.

I hope you do too.

This week’s guest is just as amazing as the others. I would love for you to give a listen to Andrea Owen.

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