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Rewards, Pats on the Back and More

High five! Woo Hoo! Way to go!

Said those things frequently over the years. How about to yourself? Oh wait, you haven’t?

Gee, what a surprise.

We are quick to give congrats, high fives and more to everyone we know for their accomplishments. It’s dry like the Sahara when it comes to giving them back to ourselves though. 

When we first started to walk, or use the toilet or got an A in school; our parents jumped for joy, took us out for ice cream, gave us cash or hugged us in congratulations. We got congrats for getting our driver’s license, getting married, having a child, getting a job and more. Sometimes we even got gifts. At work, maybe we got a promotion or an employee of the month certificate. 

This is about more than whether you deserve it or not. You do.

It's time to re-learn to jump for our own joy.

The time has come to toot our own horns when we have a win. The time has come to give ourselves the joy of accomplishment without needing to wait for someone to say “way to go”. 

I have some suggestions on how to get started; some cost, some don’t. You make the choice and add your own.

  • Take a break, take the afternoon off and go have fun. Go to the mall, the beach, a friends, lay around the pool, go bowling, it really doesn’t matter. Just have fun

  • Send yourself flowers. Yes, have them sent to your house and jump for joy that someone sent you flowers (my favorite)

  • The obligatory, get a massage, facial, pedi/mani (second favorite)

  • Buy yourself that “thing” you have been wanting but you thought was too self-indulgent. Yes, do it

  • Go to your local art fair, farmer’s market, concert in the park, etc. Some kind of community event that is usually free and fun!

  • Go hiking, swimming, diving, kayaking, trampolining, go-karting, etc. It really doesn’t matter, the idea is to play (no, this one's my favorite)

  • Take yourself out for dinner!

  • Buy a new picture for your office wall

  • Buy a new book

  • Dance

  • Go to a comedy show, concert or play

  • Write yourself a congratulatory letter, send yourself a card. Address it, stamp it, send it and receive it

That is just a short list of what you could do.

What will you do to jump for joy?

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