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Let's Go On A Treasure Hunt!

It's the end of another day not being able to flesh out your last 3 brilliant, money making, wonderful, fun ideas. It's like your creativity has pulled an Elvis and left the building. You tell yourself that tomorrow will be different, you'll have the energy, the drive, the ability to pull a rabbit out of your hat. Do you even have any hats?

We are all like a treasure map with endless treasures hidden inside. Those treasures are marked with a big red X just waiting to be unearthed. Each X marks a treasure that belongs to us, that IS us. Every X is meant to enhance our lives and give us joy and beauty. But, we move through our days not really knowing how or where to find them. Not even knowing we have treasures to find.
What if there was a way to find all the secret treasures inside of yourself in a fun way? What if you could tease open those stories and find the treasure wrapped up inside of you waiting to be discovered? Those discoveries can bring about an epiphany in your business and your life or a solution to a longstanding problem. It would mean no more days of recriminations for not having done anything productive that day. Unless that was your goal from the beginning.
Do you like to color? Maybe you like a good word search or a crossword puzzle. I have a thing for scavenger hunts and bingo. Oh, and Keno, I love Keno! And maybe a horse race or two. Wait, were we talking about gambling? No? Sorry, moving on. How would you like to play a game each week designed to help you sort out a story, excavate a treasure or allow something out to play in the sunshine?
In this last year, I have forgotten how to have fun. That is bad. Fun is the very best thing to have! I am determined to get more fun in my life in every way possible. That is why I am shifting my group to fun. Business can be too serious. It needs to be...sometimes. The other part of the time, most of the time, it needs to be fun or else what the hell are we in this for?
I have treasures that I haven't used in so long because I forgot to have fun. They are treasures that I have found in this last year that may not have anything to do with business but by Goddess, they can be used in it anyway! I want to play and go treasure hunting and gamble, cause really… we are entrepreneurs, we gamble all the time! Spin the wheel anyone?
Those treasures are part of me, part of you, and they are there to help us create and run our business and our life. It's time we excavated them and utilized them in any way possible. The fun part is the hunt itself. In my Facebook group, The Business Goddess Temple, I am opening up a new theme. Treasure Hunting as a way to delve into who we are and all of the instruments we have that are out of tune or not being played regularly.
In the group, we will play games and look for hidden treasures. We will all work together to unearth those treasures and then get them plugged into your life and your business. This is a collaborative space designed to allow flow and sunshine in to brighten all the dark corners hidden inside of us. Having fun recognizing, embracing and making use of our treasures is the heart of being a Business Goddess.
There will be no more days of hoping for inspiration to strike! You will build a creative Craftbox that holds all of your treasures for you to draw on. There will be downloadable PDF's for you that will have a fun game to play and a discovery prompt to shed some light on the treasures you find in any game you play. We will have scavenger hunts, Goddess Bingo, connect the dots, tag and maybe even some roulette!
Life is not a serious business. It is funny and messy and it's meant to be lived that way. Let's play together. We can be little kids with juice boxes and cookies or "grown ups" with wine and cupcakes. It really doesn't matter. Let's have some fun while we discover the parts of us that will shift the story to success and away from being tied up with doubts and useless recriminations.
Come play and pull all the rabbits out of whatever hat you want!
P.S. I know I have mixed my metaphors but I don't care. Fun and messy all in one!
P.P.S Here is the link to join the Facebook group!

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