You know what a lazy river is right? It’s at the waterpark and it flows around the whole park. You sit in an inner tube and cruise at a lazy pace. It is fun to do in the middle of the day when you have already been on the rides and just want to hang with your friends and family.

Being in the flow of things is kind of like that.

It’s not terribly exciting. In fact, that is how you know you are truly in the flow of things. Think back to the lazy river, it's not exciting at all. There’s a little bounce off of each other now and then. You can have a beer (if they let you at the waterpark), you can chat with everyone, you can lay back and soak in the rays and yet you’re cool in the water. It's a great balance.

That is what being in the flow is. Being in balance.

Achieving that balance and finding that flow comes from allowing. If you have an idea, let it come, stop trying to second guess it or make it happen. Let it come. Let it be. The more you insert your”self” into the process, the less flow you have. Letting something come to you takes a little practice.

Practice at what, right?

Sitting quietly. Being calm. Being present. Stop rushing. Breathing. Tapping into how you feel. Waiting for inspiration. Listening for that quiet voice inside that whispers, “that way”. Journaling on what you want and asking for your higher self to help you figure it out. Acting on guidance you receive. Setting intentions. Meditating. Visualizing. Making up a ritual. Creating a routine. Asking for help.

Lay back on that inner tube, flow on your own lazy river and let your brilliance shine through.

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