Do you feel like you’re faking your way through everything? Are you sitting there questioning your own talents, abilities and ideas? Guess what? So is everyone else.

Look, we’re all afraid of something. Failing, being laughed at, being thought we’re stupid, spiders. Whatever. It doesn’t matter, we all have something that keeps us from taking a leap of faith in ourselves.

For me, it’s a fear of failure. A fear of being seen as a fraud, that I will be seen as not the expert I purport to be. Plus, that they won’t find anything I say useful or relevant. Ok, that’s a lot of fears but I never said it was just one. Most of them build up and become the mountain that is made from the proverbial molehill. It’s all a matter of perspective however.

We all have a moment where we can choose to keep sitting on the sidelines and let that mountain shadow everything we do, or we can jump in with both feet. All those others who seem to be “making it”? They jumped. And just so you know, they keep jumping. Their programs, books, products and more are as much “not ready” as you are.

The difference between you (and me) and those people?

They keep jumping. They keep writing. They keep selling. They keep doing whatever it is they do. And then they do it some more. They aren’t fearless, none of us are. They took the leap of faith and jumped. And they never stop jumping.

Do one thing today, just one thing, that is a jump for you. Whether that means making a call you don’t want to, write what you really feel, ask for what you need, it really doesn’t matter what you do, just that you do it.


And then tell me what you did, I really want to know.

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