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Is It Really Passion Driving You?

When I began building my business, I was driven. I had passion. I knew I had an amazing, life changing idea. I sat at my computer for hours at a time researching, writing, reading and building what I thought was a real business.

I mistook my passion. What was really driving me was desperation.

I was desperate to succeed. I was desperate to create income for my family. I was desperate to prove I could do it. I was desperate to prove to my friends that I wasn’t just the dreamer they thought I was. I was desperate to make everyone proud of me.

Whatever it was, I was desperate about it and I didn’t even know.

This called for a major shift in mindset. I got a job to ease the desperation for money. I took a look at what I had created and realized I had created magic and in my zeal to achieve, I didn’t even realize what I had. I took a look at what my friends and family really thought of me and realized I was the one placing all of the expectations on myself. And, I found out the people that mattered were already proud of me.

The funny thing is, once I let go of the desperation, the business exploded. The possibilities became endless and magic began happening. Sure I had to go to work but, because I was willing to do anything to make myself a success, that bled over into my business. Because I was no longer focused on negatives I had created in my mind, I had more space to be me and create. Because I realized that the people that matter were already proud of me, I could let myself be me and make a go of success on my terms.

Where are you desperate and pretending it’s your passion? If you are working on the edge of not paying rent, why are you doing that to yourself? Go get a job. It’s not forever and your willingness to make that shift brings a new energy to all you do.

If you are desperate to succeed, play the what if game. What if you fail? Is it the end of the world? Will you be hated and reviled? Will your neighbors point and whisper behind their hands as you drive by?

If you are desperate to make everyone proud of you and change the way your family lives, ask your family what they think of you now. Find out how proud of you they already are. Find out that they love you because you are wonderful just being you.

Desperation is the name of the game. A game we don’t even know we are playing with ourselves. And it is a game changer to let it go.

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