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Intuition and Business; Not Mutually Exclusive

The business world is modeled after the male brain. No judgment on that, it simply is what it is. Women were not a force in business, until recently. Males developed the business world and it worked because business was dominated by men. It fits men and is like a pair of too tight jeans for women. However, we run our businesses based on that ill-fitting model. By doing that, we hamstring ourselves and leave a huge portion of our value and capabilities on the table, unused.

Women are naturally wired, brain wise, to be intuitive. Too often, it is trained out of us as a foolish whim, silly girl stuff, not real or any other iteration of a grown up's way of trying to get us to grow up and deal in reality. Sadly, that continues on into adulthood from friends, family and self. Not only is it trained out of us, it is pushed out of us by guilt, obligation and "have to's". Those things serve to distract us from hearing that inner voice of opportunity and possibility.

Developing and nurturing your intuition is worth every ounce of your energy, study and work. If you want to BE the Business Goddess you have always dreamed of being, intuition is one of the must have instruments in your craftbox. Intuition is about BEing who we are. It is also simply being open to whatever possibilities are out there. It shifts your way of thinking away from obligation to opportunity.

My best suggestion on how to touch into your intuition is non-dominant handwriting. It is a foundational part of Business. Goddess Style as well as Living Your Ideal Future Self. The reason is, it works. It taps into a deep part of you and allows you to connect with your intuition on a real, tangible plain. If you have never had an opportunity to learn it, click here for a replay of the training in The Business Goddess Temple. You will have to join the group to watch it.

I suggest as well, that you slow down. Slow down on life but specifically in the car as an exercise in recognizing your intuition. Drive the speed limit. I know, that's rough right? However, you won't arrive late because, just in case you've never noticed, hurrying really doesn't get you there faster. Driving slower means your shoulders come down, you see more, you notice others racing ahead of you only for you to pull up behind them at the next signal. Slow down and be aware.

Couple more suggestions. Say no. Saying no honors you and puts you in touch with your own needs and then, oddly enough, your intuition. Also, saying "have to" about your life. When you "have to", you take away your choice of what is best for you. It is a screen shading the possibility of seeing a different road or another opportunity. Obligation is a killer for being in touch with yourself. Lose the phrase 'have to' and start using needs for the day or what's in my highest and best.

Your intuition is an instrument that belongs to you, is all about you and is personalized to you. In fact, it is imperative that you use it and heed it because it is part of who you are. It is in the highest and best interest for you and your business, to spend the time to develop and recognize your intuitive insights. Take that intuition back off the table and start using it as a tool for your biz.

The time has come to make foundational changes in how we run our businesses if we want success on the scale we dream of, based on who we are as women. Using our intuition is a key factor as it is one of our biggest, innate strengths. Is it worth taking the step away from the masculine model you have always used? Let go of the crutch of learned knowledge and depend on your own natural intuitiveness and find out.

The only way you grow, gain or shift in your life, is to be uncomfortable. The amazing life you gain is worth the risk.

Go be uncomfortable.

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