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How Unfriendly Is Your Microphone?

So, had a nice melt down on my podcast last week and the second half fell into this week. Look at me go, sharing a solid melt down out loud.

I realized I didn’t know what I was doing with the podcast. I know the interviews are amazing. That they are the lifeblood of women in business. They are an invitation to sit beside us at the fire and listen to a great story we can relate to. But you know that already!

What you don’t know is that the Chew On This (COT) segment was a train wreck. I had this dream in my head of what I thought it should be. There it is, that dreaded should word! I should be able to say what I mean. To get my point across. To be able to lay out my point of view so neatly that everyone would be able to see it and agree with me!
I tried to talk/record with just myself at first. I would talk to an empty screen and improv my way through it. It sucked. Next up, I tried it with notes and bullet points. It sucked. Then, I tried it with someone to talk to on the screen as if I was having a conversation. It sucked. I tried it with someone else thinking maybe a different person would do the trick. It sucked.
The funny thing is, I have been talking about all this masculine/feminine stuff for years now. I have really fleshed it out and can talk to anyone about it. In fact, I talk to people in my car about it whenever I can (yes still driving!). In fact, I can change people’s perspectives in the space of 5 minutes in the car.
What the hell was happening with a microphone in front of my face? I was freaking out not being able to connect to the microphone and convince it of my brilliance! How hard could this podcast thing really be? Well, a lot harder than I thought obviously.
I found myself on the receiving end of my own brand of pushing and shoving my masculine into a feminine podcast designed to flow. Huh, what do you know? I was feeling a Yoda moment telling me, "You have much to learn." Not just about podcasting, of which I know virtually nothing, but about being in, living in and moving through my life; in my feminine.

I recorded a long COT episode about this discovery that I broke into 2 pieces since COT are short episodes. I wanted to share with you though, I really don’t know what I’m doing. I really don’t have any idea where this podcast is going. I really don’t understand why it is so important for me to do this.

I simply know that it is.
I am keeping it going and I will be patient and wait for things to unfold. I love the interviews, more than I can ever say. I feel awkward doing the COT now (as if I didn’t before!) as I don’t know exactly what I’m going to be saying on them. I will wait for inspiration and then sit down and talk into the microphone that, hopefully, will be a bit more friendly than she has been up til now.
All of this made me wonder, how hard are you pushing and shoving at your life and your business? How unfriendly is your microphone? Are you sucking hard on something and not getting anywhere? If you are, I have some thoughts for you.
Step back. Take a breath. Take a break away from it. If something wants to be done, the doors open and you glide through. If it isn’t interested in your doing it, then roadblocks spring up left and right. No matter which way you turn.
After you take a step back, evaluate what you have going on. Be honest. Take your own desire out of the mix and look at things dispassionately as if it was someone else’s problem. Is it not working because it isn’t the right thing for you? Do you need to shift gears, change direction or maybe even scrap the whole damn thing?
I have done all of that. Scrapping the whole thing is the scariest one of all but sometimes you have to take a leap of faith and take a completely different road. One you’re willing to get lost on but just be there for the ride. You never know what can pop up on your journey.
Women are the map readers and follow the signposts of which way to go. Evaluate your situation and see if, maybe, there have been some signposts you have missed. You zigged when you needed to zag or you were so focused on the destination you forgot to notice the world’s largest ball of twine at the last crossroads.
Each marker along the road is meant for us to see and meander around. Maybe stop and get some pictures and buy a souvenir. Focus on your journey, stop for a drink or a potty break. Get out and stretch your legs and take a long look at the scenery around you. Getting lost is an adventure, let yourself get lost.

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