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Feminism Is Not Healthy

Feminism has long been a wonderful thing. It started out as equality for women in all ways. There have been monstrous steps taken and I know I stand on the shoulders of giants. I would not be able to own my own business, write the things I write, have the jobs I have had, and really BE who I am today without what and who has come before. For that, I am grateful.

Feminism has morphed into something unhealthy since those early successes, however. Let me explain.

We all know how teeter totters work. Two people sit on either end and push their legs to go up and down. As a kid it was great fun, push it hard and make the other person slam into the ground painfully, or was that just me?

Either way, Feminism thinks that men are at the upper end of the teeter totter with their supreme power having slammed women down to the ground painfully. The women on the ground do not have power enough to push up and slam men down. That leaves us poor women stuck to the ground, weighed down by our poor girly weakness.

Feminism wants to slam men to the ground using men’s masculine power against them. Feminism is looking to take men’s power. It wants that power, masculine power, transferred to women in order for women to be able to push that teeter totter up and slam men down to the ground and hold them there. A recompance for women being held down for millennia.

Feminism is not looking to create a balance on that teeter totter. Feminism is not looking for an impasse with both ends balanced, feet dangling and no one actually touching the ground. That would leave no one in a position of power over the other. Feminism wants to be the power.

The problem Feminism doesn’t see is that the feminine has its own inherent, natural power. There seems to be a false belief that feminine power is weak and ineffectual therefore, useless. If you read any of the women’s magazines, you would believe it too. That leaves masculine power as the only thing that gives women that necessary power to unseat men.

However, masculine power fits ill on the feminine. Women step into those masculine traits that women despise in men. We become aggressive and overbearing, focused on winning, suspicious, guarded against everything that might make us appear weak, have a desperate need for control, become restless in ourselves, uncommunicative, judgmental and worst of all; we find it weak to admit to a weakness.

That all sounds like someone weak and afraid, amiright? By looking to take away masculine power and trying to tilt the teeter totter to the other end, that is exactly how women are behaving. Feminism is about trying to gain dominance, not equality. We need to get out of the dick swinging contest as an unarmed opponent. In fact, we need to stop making it a contest all the way around.

What if, the power that women naturally and innately have, is not weak at all? Feminine power is the balance to the masculine, the yin to the yang. Being vs doing. We have no need for masculine power other than what we have naturally inside of us. What we need is to discover our feminine, tap into it and begin to utilize that power which has been missing from our world for millennia.

Women are strong. We always have been. Let’s start with having a baby shall we? Do you have any idea how much strength it takes to be soft? To allow and not shove. It is our role to be the true communicators of our world. Our brains are designed to allow us to communicate in a fashion men simply can’t.

We, as women, are meant to be patient and loving. We nurture and are naturally intuitive. We are meant to be flexible as men are meant to be inflexible. Our natural role in this world is to create a space where all ideas can be heard, to think outside every single box that locks everyone in. To stop yelling and listen.

Those things are hard. They take a strength we need to learn to access. Men do not have the power to create any of that. Women do. The feminine has the power to shift the world at a time when it must be shifted. We need to tap into our softness, our intuition, our BEingness.

We are playing a man’s game using tools that do not fit us or work for us. We need crafts that we can BE in, not work or do in. The time has come to step away from needing to wield masculine power. It is exhausting. I don’t know about you but I hate feeling angry, aggressive, and needing to win; they leave me feeling weak and alone.

It is freeing to wield our own feminine power. Free yourself to be open to new ideas, open to allowing yourself to be soft. Free yourself from the anger and the aggressiveness of needing to win. Women are meant to be the journey, not the one spiking the ball in the endzone. Learn to recognize when you are behaving in a masculine way and go inside and find the opposite, the feminine.

The first step is recognizing that there is masculine running the world and it is coming from women as much as men. Changing your perspective is all about stepping outside of your comfort zone. Seek discomfort and check your own masculine motivations and actions.

We have been moving molehills these last few years with co-opting the masculine energy and way of DOing things. The feminine is where we really make that change, where we really shift ourselves and our world to BEing. The feminine journeys through the world on a road of adventure and discovery. The molehills have been explored, mountains await us.

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