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Do You Ever Think You May Not Be Right?

Shocking thought, I know. If you believe in God and go to church and live your life by biblical principles, you believe you’re right. If you are an atheist and you live by the belief that this moment is it and there is no more after death, you believe you’re right.

I use these 2 examples because they are the easiest to see and understand. At this moment in time, our society has changed politics and everything around it, into a religious belief system so strong, it’s almost a cult. People are worshipping at the altar of liberal and conservative beliefs, not ideas. They are worshiping every day, every minute of their lives. They are fired up to make conversions but really are only interested in speaking to their own congregation and passing on the word.

The real issue is that in this political religion there is no love or fellowship doctrine. There is simple righteous anger. There will be no debate because WE are right and YOU are wrong. I can never agree with you, like you or want to associate with you; you are on the wrong side.

We are so disconnected from our brothers and sisters that we must find a way, any way, to feel connected to something. If we are in our political choir, we feel good and loved. We feel connected and a part of a community that we are missing so desperately. It is more important to feel right with these faceless, nameless and unreal people then it is to be fully connected with the real people in your real life.

The world full of color, air, and sound. The world that has love, life in living color and real feelings.

Politics is not life. Politics is simply a way of governing. Let me repeat, politics is not your life. Politics is killing our ability to truly connect with the ones who are important to us. We can’t disagree because we have been indoctrinated into the cult of liberal or conservative politics and they do not allow for individual thought. Heaven forbid you disagree with someone on any little thing; you are shunned, ridiculed and made to feel stupid.

How did we get to this point where every facet of our lives is a political statement. A sure sign you are wrong and I am right. You can’t be friends anymore because Susie doesn’t agree with you about abortion or immigration. How is it all such a life or death situation?

This is about more than putting down your device and living in the real world, this is about connecting with the ones we love. Making real, true connections with real true people. More than anything, it’s about being real with ourselves. It’s about being willing to admit we are alone, uncomfortable and afraid of all of it.

The time has come to be brave and be willing to NOT be right. The time has come to listen and look, for just one moment, outside your own comfortable box. The time has come to see that the color of your sky is NOT the only one out there.

The beautiful thing about being a human is that each of us sees the world in our own unique way. Through our own lens of experience, upbringing, values, strengths, etc. We each have a gift to give each other. If we continue to tow the line of groupthink with each new meme that comes our way, we have lost one of our most valuable tools, perspective.

Be willing to be open. Be willing to put down the device and look someone in the eye and ask them a real question about their lives. Do they like to dance? What is their favorite flavor of ice cream? Does their dog do any funny tricks?

Turn down the noise outside your life. Disconnect from the vitriol of politics and reconnect with yourself and the ones who mean the most to you. The real choice is simple.

What is most important to you?

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