As a massage therapist, I required participation from a client in their own care. Sure, I was there to work on those muscles, help you figure out what was keeping you hurting no matter what you do, teach you stretches and strengthening exercises designed for your particular problem. But, none of what I did worked unless you did the work at home. If you don’t stretch, strengthen or change your bad habits, nothing I did would make much difference in the end. I used to tell them:

The more you move, the more you move,
the less you move, the less you move.

Such a simple sounding phrase. The less you move, the less you move. In more complicated terms, when you sit, your body stagnates and loses flexibility, circulation, strength and most of all...the will to move. When you move, you feel good, strong, happy, flexible and you want to move more.

I thought of this the other day regarding our businesses and it came to me that the same sort of attitude applies there too. I submit to you:

Clarity inside produces clarity everywhere,
ambiguousness produces ambiguity.

What exactly does this mean? We all know what it means to be ambiguous right? It’s where you aren’t sure, being uncertain in what you do. Whereas clarity is pretty clear (see how I did that?).

Working in or running our businesses, when we don’t have the clarity needed to make decisions on what to do, where to go or which direction to take; we stop. We sit. We stagnate. We don’t move and the more we don’t move? That’s right, the less we move. We all know what clarity produces, forward motion and then what happens? Yep, more forward motion. In fact, quite a lot of it.

How do I get clarity you ask?

First step is being clear with yourself, taking care of yourself, connecting with yourself, feeding yourself good thoughts. Eat right, drink water, exercise, get up when you sit for too long (30 minutes is too long, get up!), step away, get rest, have fun, go play, take time off. Did I miss anything?

After doing the above, it's time to get clear in your business which means YOU being clear about your business. Start with, what are you good at, what do you love to do, what puts you in the flow of things? What comes easy that you believe is not a skill or talent? What is something that has nothing to do with business but everything to do with who you are?

Being clear on what you love to do can open up new avenues that might never have been there without the clarity of knowing and understanding your own skills and talents. For a deeper instruction on this go here, if not continue with going inside yourself and find out what you are good at, don’t be shy, this isn’t a moment to worry about who might see you patting yourself on the back. Straight up, what are you good at?

Now go out there and use it.

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