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Are You Playing To Your Weakness?

I’m going all non-pc this week on the Chew On This episode. It brought out some different perspectives on things and hopefully it will for you too.

I had a technical problem while recording the original COT this week. I had to trash it. It was way beyond my technical knowledge so I had to start over. Not only did I have to start over, but I also had to fix the problem that had caused the FUBAR to begin with.

As I talked about in the podcast, I went looking for answers. I found them. I also found a bit of a surprise. I understood something I have known for a while but never really got in the gut.

Play to your strengths. It’s something we have heard all of our lives. Sadly, a lot of us don’t even know our strengths to play to. We continue to struggle to our weaknesses. We think we need/must learn this “thing” in order to succeed. We look at it as character building and a necessity to running our business.

I’m gonna go out on a limb here and say, that is absolute horse shit. Sure, it’s good to learn new things. It keeps us young and vibrant, it keeps us interesting and always learning. But, what is the use of having a strength if you’re just going to blow it off?

I also realized, I was playing to my weakness on this. I have absolutely zero interest in solving tech issues. I have zero interest in fixing computer problems. I have zero interest in building a new website (which is going on now as we speak). But I’m not playing to my strengths in this, I am solidly playing to my weaknesses. It just upsets me and I spend endless hours trying to fix or design things that I really don’t know how to.

There are a couple of ways to go to solve this. The first one is diving into you. Do you truly know what you’re good at? Do you understand what your strengths are? And most of all, are you playing to them? On the flip side, do you know your weaknesses? Do you understand them and are you nice to yourself about the fact that you can’t be strong in every facet? No one can.

The other solution is outside. Farm it out. Find someone who DOES like to do those things that you can trade with. Pay for it. Find a partner, love or business, that is strong in your weak and weak in your strong.

There needs to be a bit of both inside and out. A clarity of self in order to know what needs to be asked for on the outside. Diving into the weakness and the strength can have amazing benefits to how you run your biz as well as how you feel about yourself AS you run your biz.

So, what are you playing to?


P.S. Getting help along the way is always the best. A group of friends and colleagues can help you sort out your best and let you dig into how to play to your strengths. In order to help you dive in, Business, Goddess Style is opening up again in March. I have 2 groups beginning enrollment on March 12th, with a start date of April 3rd. That is 8 women to find their own unique strengths and get their businesses going like never before.
More details will be coming shortly, once I get the page built hahahaha. Oh wait, I’m hiring someone to do that for me cause it is not a strength of mine. I’m going to play to my strength of helping women find their strengths and utilize them in their businesses to create success and $$!

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