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Are You On The Guru-Go-Round?

You know what I mean, it’s your strongest business strategy right now. Follow every Guru. Any Guru will do; business, marketing, setting yourself up for success, 6 figure months, creating a heart-centered business, and on and on.

You subscribe to their newsletter and opt-in. You have high hopes that it is the missing piece you need for success! Guru X and their new, awesome process will be...IT. You listen to their podcasts, attend their webinar, engage in their groups.

Problem is, you already know their info. You could have written it for them you’ve seen it so many times. You have saved emails full of the same stuff. Steps to take for off the charts success! A foolproof way of marketing to “your” ideal! Stop playing small! Get those clickfunnels going because you are missing out on huge revenue!

It’s just exhausting. And irritating and frustrating. And you’re mad at them for not having your answer. But, most especially, you’re mad at you. You keep not making enough. Not doing enough. Not doing it right. You spend time running your business and no time doing business. Even the customers you do have don't help you feel like you’re really running a successful business.

Those Gurus don’t know your business, in fact, they know their business. Which is growing THEIR business, not yours. Their process worked for them, it’s how they became the Guru. But, it’s their process and it just doesn’t fit you.

What’s a girl to do?

I’m so glad you asked! She needs to figure out her own process. She needs to dive deep into her own skills, talents and strengths in order to go from doing business to being in business. She needs to shift a few ideas from needing someone else to knowing that she holds all the answers she needs.

In case you weren’t sure, she is you.

Creating your success is as easy as 1, 2, 3! (See how I did that?)

It is simple but not easy. Simple steps, simple tools but is the work easy? Not on your life. But when you got into business, did you really think it was going to be peaches and cream all day? Were you expecting customers banging down your door once you put up the welcome sign? (if you did, this is not for you!)

You’re used to working hard. You’ve been doing it a long time and getting nowhere. How about you work hard in a way that will actually make the difference you crave? How about you work hard on that road to success in a way that fits you to a T?

This is what Business. Goddess Style is all about. Simple steps, hard work, amazing answers and a business jumping with business! A business you will be successful in, and for Goddess sake, let’s rain some money down too! Did anyone else hear angels sing?

I have included a link to week 2’s homework called Process This! It is a great stand alone bit of work and well worth your time. As I have said, it’s simple but not easy. Get your journal out and be prepared to do some not so easy work, on you! Then, schedule a free Goddess Call here and we can dig just a bit more and I’ll help you find a specific new way forward.

Of course, to get the full impact of Business. Goddess Style, you will need to jump into one of December’s groups where you will find magic! There is still space available but spots are filling up fast. We start the week of December 5th so you can get a jump start on the New Year. You will have already hit the ground and be running by the time January 1st arrives.

Start here by downloading Process This! Next, schedule a free Goddess Call with me here and let's get to work. I can't wait to hear what you come up with, it's the best part of my job!

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