Am I the only woman not scared right now? Am I the only woman not worried about the politics of our time? Am I the only woman anxious, in a good way, for the changes coming our way? Am I the only woman not pissed off about Trump et al. even though I don’t like or dislike him? Am I the only woman who could care less about all of it and am more focused on what I am doing in my own life? Am I the only woman more interested in what is happening in myself, my home, and in my community than I am on the national level?

Am I the only woman who doesn’t agree with either side?

I feel alone. I feel like an outcast. I read blogs, Facebook posts and my Instagram feed and think, I’m not fitting in. I have never felt more separate from women in my life. I keep wondering if I am missing something even though I don’t feel like I am.

I feel apart from the tribe of woman.

I’m not angry and I’m not afraid. And I simply can’t understand why you are. On an intellectual plane I get it. I see where you are angry and afraid. But on the feeling, emotional level, I don’t get it. I have continued to read other’s posts trying so desperately to feel with you, your fear, your anger. It’s just not there.

I’m so tired of it all because for me, it’s all true and all a lie. I am so tired of needing to have things be right or wrong. Who is right and who is wrong? Who decides who is right and who is wrong? And then who’s job is it to let everyone know that this is the right way now.

I feel as if this is one of the most masculine things we are doing right now. The need to win. The show of power is masculine, not feminine. Of course we are strong, that goes without saying. Of course we are out there wanting a change. Wanting the difference in our lives to happen. Going about it this way is masculine though.

Some of you may think it is my privilege that blinds me to the needs of the few that are not being represented. That could not be further from the truth. I have been one of those needing help. I have been evicted, homeless, abused and empty of hope. I know what it feels like. I have needed support and not gotten it and I have needed support and gotten it in spades.

I keep thinking every woman is looking at this upside down. We don’t need a large group, we need small groups. We need families to come together. We, individually, need to feel safe and grounded. We need to go into our community and address where women are in need. We need to go into our own neighborhoods and find the ones who are scared and alone in their own homes.

One of the best gifts I ever received was a visit from a friend with bags of groceries when we had nothing to eat. The fear was crippling on how I was going to feed my son and my infant daughter. She knocked on my door and handed me exactly what we needed and gave me hope. She didn’t ask for anything, she just gave.

That is what is needed. Knocking on each other’s doors. Showing up with groceries and hope. Showing up with clothes for the kids for the new school year. Giving a hand to a woman in need. Paying it forward in all ways. Being there and offering the connection they need so they feel supported, understood and no longer alone.

It doesn’t change the fact that I feel alone. I want to feel connected to you, I want to comfort you in your fear. I just don’t understand it at all. I am heartbroken for you that you can’t see that it’s going to be ok. I cry as I write this because I want you all to feel the calmness I feel. I want you all to feel the understanding of change that is upon us. I want you to believe the absolute brilliance of what is to come and that you are a part of it...without anger, without fear, without the need to win.

Dip into your feminine power, find the intuition that tells you we are where we need to be right now. Find your empathy and connect with others you disagree with and make an effort to bridge the gap. Find your willingness for change in your own open mind. Find your anger and dig into what is truly making you mad; hold up your mirror and find what reflects back to you. Work on yourself, peel the onion layers back. Find your own potential to collaborate with others. Find your flow and look for the unbridled possibilities which is what being a woman is all about.

Color outside the lines. Don’t do what “they” want you to do. Do what you know, in your heart, is right. For you and for no one else. That is the only right you need to worry about. And the only time it is good to be right.

Lastly, don’t listen to me. I am doing what is right for me. I am following my heart, my guides, Goddess herself while I write this to you. I am doing my right. Go do yours.

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