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5 Steps To Being Different

It’s often said that the definition of insanity is doing the same thing over and over and expecting a different result.

We’ve all heard that quote in some way. It's attributed to Einstein but it could have been Mark Twain, an old Chinese proverb or even Ben Franklin. Who knows where it came from, for these purposes it doesn’t matter. Facts are facts, if you keep doing the same thing, the same thing keeps happening.

So how do you stop doing the same thing? The first thing to figure out is what you really want different? How do you want your life, business, relationships, etc to be different? Articulating the change you want is really the first step. In all reality, it may be the hardest part.

The key ingredient in this shift is how to BE different.

There's the school of thought that to make a change you “fake it til you make it”. We’ve all tried that. It can and does work, however it is the masculine way of doing things. That is not a bad thing, if you’re a man. Masculine energy is a doing energy. In order to fake it, you must do something.

As a woman, how do you do the change if you aren’t doing? Confusing right? The feminine way of doing things is by BEING. The feminine becomes. Our energy is about the thinking, feeling, intuitive, mindful energy.

So the question becomes, how can you be different? Can you be braver. Can you be smarter? Can you be a savvy business woman? In reality, you can BE any way you want to be. It boils down to a choice. What would you like to be different? What would make you different?

  1. Make a decision. Decide that this is who and what you want to be. How does a brave woman feel? They feel afraid and decide to act despite that fear. How does a happy woman feel? They feel sad, mad, bad and then decide to focus on the good, better and best. How does a savvy business woman feel? They wonder if they’re smart enough, good enough, know enough. Then they decide to get informed, they learn and they develop shrewdness to propel them into that savvy woman.

  2. One step at a time. It's taking it slowly. Even if it's one hour at a time, maybe one minute at a time. It is a practice of mindfulness throughout the day with the thought of how you want to be. Make yourself notes, stickies, set reminders on your phone. Figure out a way to keep yourself focused on BEING who you want to be. Remind yourself that you are brave even if you feel afraid. The difference is not letting the fear be in charge.

  3. Who's running the show? Are you in charge of who you want to be or is your old programming running the show? Consciously shifting to you making the decisions and not making knee jerk choices based on old patterns is huge. To be different, you must shift the decision making process to one of thoughtful deliberation with a healthy dash of intuition sprinkled over it all. Deliberately step into your feminine, get quiet inside and find out what your intuition has to say.

  4. Support. Another very important feminine trait that must be addressed to facilitate this shift is support. You need it. You can get the support you need from your friends, family, significant other or business friends. They can help you keep on track by allowing you to be accountable to them for the shifting. They can point out when you are not following your own heart and cheer for you when you are being you.

  5. Go back to the beginning. What is the difference you were working to create in your life? Where do you want to be? Who do you want to be? What life are you wanting to live? As you decide, deliberate and intuit your way to being the way you want to be, focus on your why. What will your life be like in this new way of being? Bring it up in full color, full emotion and a full situation with you being THE you.

Any of these steps can be used as stand alone work. However, using them all together is powerful and creates an inevitability of change in your life. Here is to your shift, your change and you BEING the you, you want to be.

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Imagine what 12 weeks can do...



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