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3 Suggestions For After The Storm

Have you ever woken up and not really known what day it is because life is happening? And by life happening, I mean there is a shit storm hovering over you.

How do you jump back into business when your storm eases enough for you to think outside of the wind taking your roof off? Do you jump in with both feet and wobble a little as you get back into it? Or, do you sit at your desk and wonder what the hell to do(<--- that would be me)? I would like to offer 3 suggestions on how to get back in your groove and pumping out brilliance!

Suggestion #1

Clean. Create a measure of order in your business space.

It sounds odd but, I know that I need clean outside space in order to have order in my inside space. You know, that place where you need to go to be productive and creative. It is also physical labor that allows the mind to wander and not try so very hard to solve the “what do I do” problem.

I know, I know, here we are talking business and I'm suggesting you clean? Stay with me, I have a reason! Things not put away, dust at eye level that you see each time you glance that way, or just having your work space out of order, makes us crazy. We need order because our heads are busy and loud and our outside space needs to reflect the peace we seek inside in order to perform that creative, productive work.

So, go clean

Suggestion #2

Go back to routine, breathe, close your eyes, put yourself back in your mental business space.

Go back to what you know, what you do and who you are. What is your ritual to get started working? Do you say a prayer? How about setting an intention to do what needs to be done? Or do you just breathe? Let your shoulders fall from up around your ears and listen to your breath for a moment. Center yourself, grab the ground (metaphorically) and feel yourself connected to you and your business.

Breathe in, breathe out, repeat.

Suggestion #3

Using awareness of your skills and talents to bring you back to center.

Let’s talk about how you work best. What are you good at that you haven’t been feeling while the storm has been raging? The storm throws us off kilter and leaves us feeling vulnerable and raw. However, you used all those skills during the storm to help you weather it. The time has come to redirect them back to business. Pull all of those skills, talents and strengths out and see how you can use them to get yourself oriented in what to do next. It’s really a process of bringing yourself back to you. Create a sense of awareness of your own greatness.

Be aware of you.

After doing everything above or even one of them, you will want to prioritize to catch up on what you have missed. If you’re still not clear on what needs to be done first, second or at all...go back and do another suggestion or all of them. If you can’t figure out what needs to be done to catch yourself up, you haven’t cleared up enough of your head space to allow you to focus on business again.

It’s OK to need the time, even Superwoman has Kryptonite.

All my best,


Bonus tip: If you are looking for help to find a way to access all of those skills, talents and strengths, give me a call. Click here to schedule a free 30 minute Goddess Call and we can talk turkey about you and your cornucopia of awesomeness!

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