• Goddess at the Grindstone

    Unleash Your Business Goddess 

  • Goddess Style

    How many more webinars, checklists and ebooks will you sign up for before you finally say enough?

    It is time to stop trying to fill the chasm between you and the reality of your business by shoveling

    other people's ideas, processes, and tools into it.


    You already have what you need.

    Goddess at the Grindstone unleashes your own unique vision of you in business. We collaborate to bring into focus all the innate skills, strengths and talents you have in you right now. We reach in and bring out all of your feminine, chaotic, goofy, discerning, ingenious traits that are your Goddess! She has just been waiting for your OK to jump in and go!


    Psst, she’s you!


    The time has come to let loose the Business Goddess you have always yearned to be.

    She has been waiting for you to recognize her and unleash her capabilities, creativity and power.


    You have spent enough time working ON your biz.


    It’s time to set the world on fire.

  • This is about Inspiration

    Your own!

    This is about getting unstuck and letting go of frustration. There are ways to do what you want to do and they aren't in an ebook or shiny new webinar about marketing.

    This is about Feminine

    Your own!

    This is about what you believe feminine to mean in your life. It's time to learn how to apply those innate strengths into real business action.

    This is about Creativity

    Your own!

    This is about breaking the mold of what creativity means to you! It's not all about art or sewing (ew) or writing. It's about what spins your wheels.

    This is about Intuition

    Your own!

    This is about believing in your own intuition. It's learning to understand what it means to you and for you in 

    the real world.  

    This is about Goddess


    We are in this together to unleash YOUR Business Goddess. She has been in you all along and has been (sort of) patiently waiting for you to let her loose.


    It's time

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